Installation Requirement

GENESIS can work on various platforms such as Linux workstations, cluster machines, and massively-parallel super computers with Intel, AMD, and Fujitsu CPUs. Optionally, NVIDIA GPUs with CUDA support can be used. The following compilers, hardware, and software will be required to install GENESIS. Please make sure that each fortran compiler, preprocessor, and MPI library are already installed in your computer before compiling GENESIS.

Operating system:
Linux (Recommended)
Mac OSX (Not recommended, but can work)

Fortran/C compiler:
Intel compiler ifort/icc (Recommended)
Fujitsu compiler frtpx/fccpx (Recommended)
GCC compiler gfortran/gcc (4.4.7 or higher version are required)

fpp in the Intel Fortran compiler (Recommended)
Fujitsu compiler frtpx  (Recommended)
GCC preprocessor cpp

MPI libraries:
OpenMPI (Recommended)
Fujitsu MPI (Recommended)
Intel MPI

GPGPU calculation: (only if you try to install GPU-enabled version)
CUDA 6.5 or later
NVIDIA Tesla K20 and K40 (Tested)
Other CUDA enabled GPU cards (Compute Capability 3.5 or later) would also work
Compute Capability (CC) of your GPU card can be checked in this page.
Current configuration script supports only Kepler (CC 3.5, 3.7) and Pascal (CC 6.1). if you are using Maswell (CC 5.x), you might need to add the setting manually.