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    Dear all,

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    Thank you for visiting this forum. If you don’t download GENESIS package yet, please visit this page. If you met troubles on downloading, compiling, or using GENESIS, please report the issue here. You have to register before creating topics or comments. If you wanna create a topic but don’t have your account yet, please register here.

    Your reports are expected to have the following information (especially in bug reports of ATDYN and SPDYN):

    • error messages shown in log files or in the display (if any).
    • input file (if possible; this may clarify the problems).
    • log file (if possible; extract of it maybe enough)

    Without those information, it is very hard to identify the problems, so please provide those information. You can attach small files in this forum, please use this function if necessary. Please note that there are some restrictions in file uploading; the file size must be smaller than 512 KB and the file extension must be .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .zip, .pdb, .psf, .par, .top, .str, .inp, .log, .out, .dcd, or .rst.

    Thank you for your cooperation,
    GENESIS development team

    (09/15/2016: .log and .out extensions are also allowed.)

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