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HPCIofTomorrow 将来への取組み

Outline of the Development of the Post-K computer

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The post-K computer will be developed based on the following guidelines.

Placing top priority on problem-solving research
Solving various social and scientific problems is high priority in this project. Consequently, both the hardware and software will be developed in a coordinated way (via co-design), with the aim of making it usable in a wide range of fields.

Developing a world-leading high performance system
We intend to build a general purpose system that is competitive on an international scale.

Leveraging international cooperation
While capitalizing on Japan’s strengths and making strategic use of international cooperation to incorporate world-leading technologies, we will develop software and mini-applications and promote them as world standard.

Continuing the legacy of the K computer
We will make maximum use of the technologies, human resources, and applications developed through the K computer project.