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HPC Usability Research Team

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The HPC Usability Research Team aims to increase the number of applications of the K computer. It especially focuses on applications that make use of both simulation and data analysis. We expect that the combination of simulation and data analysis will increase the value of both components because data can improve simulation accuracy and simulations can generate valuable data. However, developing such combined applications is difficult because developers must have expertise in computer systems, as well as simulation and data analysis algorithms, to connect the different types of programs. Our team studies tools and frameworks that simplify the process of developing and executing such combined applications so that more people, especially those in industry, can use the supercomputer for their innovative products and services.

Research Subjects

  • Software for creating data analysis workflow
  • Framework for combining data analysis and numerical calculation

(May 2017)

Team Leader Hiroya MATSUBA

Team Leader
(from May 2017)

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