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Field Theory Research Team

Developing Calculation Methods to Elucidate the Behavior of Elementary Particles

Atoms, the constituents of matter, contain a nucleus, which is composed of elementary particles called quarks. We expect that by simulating the behavior of quarks, the origin of the nucleus and the state of the early universe can be elucidated. These simulations are carried out based on the theory of lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). In lattice QCD, space-time is divided into discrete lattices, and the behavior of quarks is calculated within the lattices. But such simulations are performed at enormous computational cost and include several steps that are difficult to calculate. Therefore, we are developing an efficient method for performing the simulations on the K computer. The calculation method used can also be applied to fields outside of elementary particle research, such as condensed matter physics.

Team Introduction

Developing calculation methods to elucidate the behavior of elementary particles

Team Leader Yoshinobu KURAMASHI

Team Leader

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