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Discrete Event Simulation Research Team

Developing Technology for the K computer to Simulate Social Phenomena

Based on our use of statistical physics, we have accumulated much knowledge and experience in simulating phenomena that take place in certain kinds of systems consisting of molecules or particles. Now we are using this expertise to develop technologies for the K computer to help simulate social phenomena such as the spread of pandemic infectious diseases and the flow of economic transactions. A social phenomenon is created by a series of connected chains of instantaneous events, i.e. discrete events that are experienced by individuals. In using the K computer to handle the emergence and chaining of these discrete events, non-conventional infrastructure software is required. In addition, a program that can handle social activity databases is also necessary, while the databases themselves need to be compiled. Our goal is to help solve social problems by accomplishing these tasks.

Team Introduction

Simulating various social phenomena including the spread of infectious diseases and flow of economic transactions

Team Leader Nobuyasu ITO

Team Leader
Nobuyasu ITO

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