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Computational Materials Science Research Team

Simulating the Motion of Electrons to Elucidate Quantum State Properties of Matter

The properties of matter are determined by the behavior of its electrons. Strongly correlated systems, in which many electrons move inside material while strongly repelling each other, exhibit unique properties, such as high temperature superconductivity. It is expected that these properties will lead to new applications. However, the mechanisms behind them are not yet fully understood. We intend to elucidate how these properties arise by using the K computer to simulate the motion of electrons in strongly correlated system consisting of enormous numbers of electrons. To this end, we have adopted the Hubbard model and we are upgrading the methods used to implement its calculations so that they will be compatible with the K computer. We expect it will then be possible to design materials with new properties in the future.

Team Introduction

Employing the K computer to solve the mysteries of matter at the atomic level

Team Leader Seiji YUNOKI

Team Leader

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