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Computational Climate Science Research Team

Developing More Fundamental Climate Models for Improved Climate Simulation

Weather forecasting and climate prediction are performed using programs known as climate models. In current climate models, the earth’s atmosphere is divided into 50-100 kilometer square grid cells, and each grid cell is considered as one “point.” In these models, however, precise simulation results cannot be obtained due to the large grid size. Therefore, we aim to use smaller-sized grid cells to attain higher resolution. Also, since various climate models are now used worldwide, it is necessary to understand the features of these models and to verify their reliability, if we are to realize highly reliable climate simulations. To this end, we are collecting various computational methods used in climate models from around the world for review.

Team Introduction

Accurate climate prediction achieved by improving the accuracy and reliability of climate models

Team Leader Hirofumi TOMITA

Team Leader
Hirofumi TOMITA

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