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OVERVIEW 計算科学研究機構とは

Advanced Visualization Research Team

Developing Visualization Technologies to Advance Manufacturing and Science

Visualization technologies are used for converting numerical simulation results into intuitive and easy-to-understand images and animations. Because of the increased sophistication of supercomputers, new developments are expected in the field of visualization. We are developing a parallel visualization program that can produce partial images separately on the K computer’s many compute nodes and integrate them into a complete image. Moreover, we are discussing with researchers in various fields about what types of visualizations are needed. By means of these efforts, we will provide the visualization services that K computer users really require. In addition, we expect that such advanced visualization technologies will also help reveal unknown phenomena, leading to new scientific discoveries.

Team Introduction

Providing many users with visualization technologies adapted for the K computer 

Team Leader Kenji ONO

Team Leader
Kenji ONO

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