RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science

OVERVIEW 計算科学研究機構とは

Operations and Computer Technologies Division

Fumiyoshi Shoji
Division Director
RIKEN AICS Operations and Computer Technologies Division

Operations and Computer Technologies Division is engaged in research and development of advanced usage technologies and advanced operation technologies of the K computer in conjunction with large facilities such as refrigerators and air handling units, as well as daily operation and management of the K computer, the building facilities and network facilities required for stable operation of the K computer system, which has top class capability in the world, as a common use facility around Japan. It also coordinates HPCI systems technically which are operated under High Performance Computing Infrastructure(HPCI) Initiative promoted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT).

Research Subjects

  • Improvement of Operation and Management techniques of the K computer and its facilities
  • Improvement of System Software of the K computer




Facility Operations and Development Team

Deputy Division Director and Team Head
Toshiyuki Tsukamoto


System Operations and Development Team

Team Head
Atsuya Uno


Software Development Team

Team Head
Kazuo Minami


HPCI System Development Team

Team Head
Manabu Hirakawa