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AICS Cafe is a place where the researchers in AICS can frankly discuss about their researches beyond their own disciplinary wall in order to collaborate with each other. We plan to have it twice a month regularly. We welcome all people including the promotion office and administration division of K computer in AICS.

  • Purpose : In order to promote the research collaboration beyond each of existing research disciplines, this seminar provides the discussion field for exchanging information, understanding neighboring researchers, and collaboration between each other.
  • Place: Workshop room (6th floor) at AICS
  • Lang : presentation in Japanese or English, the slide in English
  • Etc.: Please give your presentations clearly to researchers in other fields. Please do not hesitate to ask a question to the speakers.

The 3rd AICS Cafe
Date and Time: Fri. June 10 2011, 13:00-15:00
Place: Workshop room (6th floor) at AICS

Title: "XcalableMP: a directive-based language extension for scalable and performance-aware parallel programming"
Speaker: Dr. Mitsuhisa Sato (Programming Environment Research Team)

Title: "Modified Block BiCGSTAB for Lattice QCD"
Speaker: Dr. Yoshifumi Nakamura (Field Theory Research Team)

The 2nd AICS Cafe
Date and Time: Mon. May 23 2011, 12:00-14:00
Place: Kengaku room (6th floor) at AICS

Title: "System Software for Supporting Self-Control Parallel Application Programming"
Speaker: Dr. Yutaka Ishikawa (System Software Research Team)

Title: "Introduction to Lattice QCD"
Speaker: Dr. Yoshinobu Kuramashi (Field Theory Research Team)

The 1st AICS Cafe
Date and Time: Fri. Apr. 15 2011, 14:00-16:00
Place: Kengaku room (6th floor) at AICS

Title: "Climate research in AICS"
Speaker: Dr. Hirofumi Tomita (Computational Climate Science Research Team)