RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science


Exascale Supercomputer Project

hirao2a-e1387499970181RIKEN has been selected to be the development body of the Exascale Supercomputer Project being planned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We are greatly honored to have been chosen for this important responsibility, while fully realizing that we must put forth our best effort to make it successful.

In 2006 RIKEN embarked on the project to develop the K computer, which became fully operational in September 2012, thanks to the great efforts by all those involved. The Exascale Supercomputer Project, which aims at realizing about 100 times the speed of the K computer, will require an even bigger effort and an ability to overcome greater challenges. We will devote our energy to this project based on our proven ability to plan and execute supercomputer development, and by further expanding our international center of excellence in the fields of computer science and computational science.

The RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS) will now have two important missions: continuing to operate and manage the K computer for public use with the aim to generate useful research outcomes, and the successful development of the Exascale Supercomputer scheduled for completion by 2020. We ask for support from our associates around the world and in Japan as we launch our new project, which will be a great boon for science and technology, as well as industry.